. 100% O r g a n i c C o t t o n .

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

At the end of 2015 we developed "Wild Cotton" our line of basic 100% organic cotton certified by USDA-NOP (United States Organic Standards) and the EU (European Union Organic Standards).

We work with Peruvian organic pyma cotton, which is premium raw and friendly to the planet material.

“Organic cotton is cultivated in fields of fertile soil, free of pesticides and agrochemicals that contaminate soil and water. It is harvested entirely by hand, no type of machinery is used in its cultivation process, in this way the cycles of nature are respected and the health of the people involved in its harvest is taken care of”

They are timeless products, we work the same products all year round, except for some specific pieces that we add in winter. In this line we prioritize the quality of the raw material and the fit of the product.